BTT-FBIWe were heading back from Nanaimo after completing an errand and I suggested to Jim that we should go to the “FBI”, which is the Fanny Bay Inn.

This historic restaurant is on the shores of Baines Sound and has been serving the Comox Valley for years. Baines sound produces 50% of the shell fish in British Columbia and it is known throughout the world for its famous Fanny Bay oysters. In the mid nineties Project Watershed was involved in environmental work in the Sound.

BTT-fbisignageWe were promptly met by a waitress who brought us menus. We both ordered coffee and I added the  fried oysters and a small Caesar salad. I like my oysters extra crispy and asked the waitress to advise the chef.  Within 10 minutes I had my piping hot five large extra crispy fried oysters and Jim had a steaming creamy bowl of sea food chowder with garlic bread.

These oysters were some of the best I have had in the Valley, complemented by a small Caesar salad.  Jim was happy to get a generous bowl of  good seafood chowder. Our total bill was just under $34. The Fanny Bay Inn exudes character and on weekends often has live entertainment.  It has a good selection of beers on tap from Budweiser to Sleeman’s Honey Brown.

On any day take a drive South on the coastal highway to Fanny Bay and drop in at the FBI. Try their oysters, you won’t be disappointed. The Blind Taste Tester rates this establishment 4.2 out of 5.