1185 Kilmorley Rd, Comox, B.C. (see map below) –  Phone 250-339-4466

As you head out towards the Comox Airport and along the Little River road to Kilmorley next to the Canadian Forces base you will find the Griffin Pub, a favourite for Canadian Forces personnel and locals. You can find entertainment on Friday evenings and, if you like Celtic music, go for a late lunch or early supper on a Sunday.


As the summer was winding down and my wife’s cousin and her husband Savio were visiting us from Chicago. My wife and her cousin were whale watching north of Campbell River and Jim, Savio and my grandson went with me for lunch at the Griffin. There is a wonderful patio at the back of the pub where you can sit and experience both the commercial and military planes flying right over the top of the patio.

We were in the mood for a draft and were quite excited as on our way a black bear snuck out of a vineyard and lumbered across the road right in front of us, something Savio had not experienced for years. Savio, Jim and I decided to have burgers; Savio and I had the Griffin Burger with cheese and Jim ordered the Ultimate Burger (I guess he’s off his diet). Jim and Savio had fries and I ordered a bowl of Portebello mushroom soup. My grandson had the Chicken Caesar Club Wrap with iced tea.

GriffinlogoEveryone, including the Blind Taste Tester, agreed that the Griffin makes some of the best burgers in the Valley. The fries were freshly cut, substantial and devoured by all. I ordered my burger with jalapenos which satisfied my Latin blood. The soup was hardy and my grandson loved his wrap.

Meals and beverages came to around $20 each. Check out their daily dinner specials and if you have a Friday free, consider their outstanding Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding and take in the live entertainment.

On another note, I strongly believe that as residents of the Comox Valley we must get out and support our businesses with our dollars. It is easy enough to show off the Valley with all its parks and wildlife, but essential that we keep those dollars turning over in our local economy. A vital and important part of our Valley is the military and if you want a beer and a chance to see SARS (Search and Rescue) practicing, and cadets gliding, have a beer and a lunch at the Griffin where you can see it happen and bump into a few of our esteemed military personnel.

The Blind Taste Tester gives the Griffin Pub a 4.4 out of 5 and a special thumbs up.

The Griffin Pub