One of the most pleasant activities for residents and visitors to Comox By the Sea is to walk the harbour area and to go to the end of the Wharf and watch the boats and kayakers. From my point of view, the best fast food place in Comox is Surfside Fish and Chips, a venue out of a little Bolo trailer that is parked by the docks in the summer months. You can  order fish and chips, a variety of hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, fish tacos, fish sandwiches and my favourite – Louisiana Poor Boy oyster sandwich.

TBTT-Surfside-dishAs July was coming to an end, Jim and I realized that we had not stopped by for lunch and on a very hot Thursday, we drove the MG down and found an outdoor table in the shade. I ordered a poor boy sandwich with extra crispy oysters and their special sauce. It was done just as I like it, with lettuce, tomato and a pickle. The oysters were a delight nestled in a soft bun. Jim ordered a grilled jumbo hotdog, with fried onions and all of the fixings. We ordered one portion of French fries which we shared and two soft drinks. The bill was under $20. The only thing that would have made this lunch more perfect is something sweet like a chocolate chip cookie.

We sat facing the harbour and Jim pointed out that we were near where the Deep Bay research boat had docked three years ago when Project Watershed did its first eelgrass planting for the Department of Defense. Since that successful restoration project; Project Watershed obtained US$230,000 in funding from the NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Canada, USA & Mexico). This really kick started Project Watershed’s estuary restoration efforts.


What a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, Comox harbour, the estuary and an affordable scrumptious lunch at the Surfside trailer. The Blind Taste Tester rates this as a 4.3 out of 5.